My 1st and 2nd Mother's Day Gifts

28 and 29 years ago I gave birth to 2 beautiful daughters  and after Mother's Day!
It was a pleasure to design for my daughters these two cute sets for their birthdays. 
My daughter modeling the beaded hat and earring set, This is my first crocheted bead work and earrings. I am excited to try out some new things in this area. 

Beaded hat and earrings  together

crocheted beaded earrings and slouchie beanie for my oldest duaghter.

Flower and mini purse with flower.  Close up of the mini purse w/ velcro closures

Flower purse and hat again,my 2nd gift is rushing me to take the picture. So it came out blurry.
Both of them wore their hats and were pleased with them as well.
Stay tuned for more May Mayhem photos and projects.

Love and Blessings 

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