I'm Baaack!

Well it's been some years venturing off into other venues and I find myself returning to my passion of crocheting,

Especially since the lost of nephew last week. The young people today are a different breed. So quick to shoot and kill, but I often wonder do the ponder, this can't be taken back, or undone, and the tragic ripple effect.

Parents lose children on both sides one in the grave the other in jail for most of their life. The pain parents endure laying a child to rest, the families, and friends left behind to try to move forward.

THINK THINK THINK hard before you pull that trigger or even consider touching a GUN!!!




So interesting! This present season consists of moving! I moved to another state, career, and  my blog to my website Priscillaprince.com. I've neglected this blog terribly, and I've seen features where blogs can be posted simultaneously to more than one blog!
As soon as I figure this out I will post crochet topics here.
Happy Blogging!



I know this sounds outrageous! But it is true!
Between October up until now I have been extra busy with the Breast Cancer Cap Drive...(those precious souls are still there so I will remember them in November and beyond) I have not been able to present the caps as yet due to Hurricane Sandy and The Nor'easter. My heart and prayers goes out to those that suffered. I THANK GOD for keeping me and family safe. A special thank you to Ms D'Ann for her donation of hats and my friend Ms Yvonne for her yarn donation.

OHHH My biz is taking off as I get my feet wet in event planner and duct tape crafts. Really fun, I made my very own bible case and tri-fold wallet. Then I met an adorable little girl in 5 Below who is a 9 yr old kidpreneur of duct tape creations and brought a matching flower pen to my bible case and wallet .
One wreath is done and being donated to a local group home; portion of proceeds will support one of their own causes. The wreaths look awesome and smell wonderful! I had the blessed time pinecone picking with my grands and scented them all on my own; Thank God! I am also getting orders for crocheted items too.

Finally, the buzzy part is organizing all of the above and then putting into writing.
Speaking of writing, I still have 2 chapters to go to complete my first book. Sooo late; but still motivated.
In need of a camera so I hope to post pictures of all the above pretty soon.
Be back soon, stay blessed

God said that my gifts will make room for me, and present me before kings.
Bless these diligent hands and promise you will get all the Glory Lord!


Featured Blogger

I had the privilege of being a featured blogger on a wonderful Mommy's Blog
click to see  http://www.heartfeltbalancehandmadelife.com/2012/10/featured-handmade-crafter-priscilla.html

Thank Michelle! Can't wait to have to you as a guest blogger!


Stupendous September

September was full of fabulous birthdays and getting out my fall fashion hats!
Take a Look!

Mary's Birthday Bows


These 50 squares were made in secret nightly, in August and put together in September just in time for Mommy's  birthday! She checks on me to see what I am crocheting often, because like a faithful mom she is supportive and enjoys the finished projects. She loved this throw and asked when I did it; I told her how and when of course. This was a real inspiration

 A'neya's Hair Wear were fun to make! The head band with heart is actually from a  her favorite too small shirt she did not want to part with and the crocheted purple & animal print headband has the heart shaped button from another too tiny outfit she  adored. The look on her face when she realized those tiny treasures were timeless! The cats on the florets are to recognize our silly kitty she named Peaches.

These are some fall hats I made and am adding more to the collection as I Blog!



New Things

I have been  so busy with crocheting new things and even others arts and crafts!
Pictures speak one thousand words so please enjoy the visual show.


My 1st and 2nd Mother's Day Gifts

28 and 29 years ago I gave birth to 2 beautiful daughters  and after Mother's Day!
It was a pleasure to design for my daughters these two cute sets for their birthdays. 
My daughter modeling the beaded hat and earring set, This is my first crocheted bead work and earrings. I am excited to try out some new things in this area. 

Beaded hat and earrings  together

crocheted beaded earrings and slouchie beanie for my oldest duaghter.

Flower and mini purse with flower.  Close up of the mini purse w/ velcro closures

Flower purse and hat again,my 2nd gift is rushing me to take the picture. So it came out blurry.
Both of them wore their hats and were pleased with them as well.
Stay tuned for more May Mayhem photos and projects.

Love and Blessings