Jayda's Purse by God's grace!

The Lord helped me to complete this purse the same day of my granddaughter's 2nd b'day yesterday. It is a two sided Hello Kitty Purse.

I was leaning on the wall while I was crocheting. :-)
The prior night I was in church praying; praising; and worshipping; and going through deliverance!!!'

Hallelujah! There is Liberty where there is Christ!

Ok! Back to the party and this cute purse!
I managed to complete the purse and get myself dressed and to the party! 7 of my 12 grands were there. The place was packed. My daughter in law made some delicious food.  I sang happy birthday and made a quick escape w/ a doggy bag :-). My brother drove me home.  What a peaceful ride w/ old r&b playing. What a wonderful end to a beautiful week! Only God can give you peace that surpasses understanding. I got home so I can begin my week with praising the Lord God Almighty in Church; today! In the presence of Christ there is the fullness of Joy! I am sooo full!
Love and Blessings!

Look at the Birthday Baby!!!
That cake was delicious! :-)

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