Excitement leads to Inspiration

In the midst of all the action in my life I am so excited to try new things; Like Fixing this blog up! There are so many gadgets! LOL! I love to learn new things! Music, templates, slideshows, and etc. I thought I was on MySpace. LoL! Anyway Blogger has more to offer, although it is a bit complicated at times.

Moreover, after a request for 4 big orders I decided to officially turn my passion for crocheting into a little business. That is another reason for my excitement.

SOOOOOOO! I posted the link to my blog on FaceBook (trying to get used to that place) for my friends and family to take a looksy.

I had my cute neice model her hat and scarf set ; actually I had to beg her as she was leaving to let me take pictures that is why they are so blurry.

Well lets see what happens. I am praying.

Love and Blessings

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