B'Day Celebration Inspiration!

It is so hard for me to get out and purchase gifts...money is tight so crocheted gifts are the best gifts and a good way to advertise!!!

I heard my niece getting prepped for her little brother's birthday and six of my grandchildren were going as well. I planned to make him a hat and scarf set but was going to send a card with money, since I was so tired and had little time to make his set. But, NO! I heard my niece saying "yeah she is going to make him a hat and scarf set" OMG! I was so tired, thank God for his help! I got up and began to dig through my stash for the right colors for his hat and scarf. He loved it!

Jay profiling in his b'day hat and scarf set from auntie!
I got some more orders too!!! Thank You Jesus!
Now I need to figure out how to get pictures of my other hat and scarf sets; pillows; and bags I crocheted.
Until next time...Love and Blessings!

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