I have taken a month off from crocheting praying for inspiration. Whelp! The Lord certainly answered my prayers about getting some inspiration to crochet.

My grandson and granddaughter were leaving. It was very cold out so I gave him a fleece blanket; hugged them and kissed them, and said grandma loves you. As I made my way back to my room, he was behind me with the fleece blanket. In his little voice he said"mama here take it" I was puzzled of course and had to make sure I understood him. So I asked "you want grandma to take the blanket?", "Yes" he said. I took it and then he said "give me my blanket". OHHH! He had his eyes on that blanket the whole weekend and kept asking me "my blanket?" I said, "yes your blanket". He had his little heart set on taking home his blankie. I showed him the unweaved parts of the blankets and tried to explain as best I can to him I have to fix it then he can have it. He understood and took back the fleece blanket and he went home. I was so hurt...this surely has inspired me to finish up all of the blankets and other projects for my grand babies

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