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My First granny Square in Over a decade!

I had to follow a basic granny square pattern. It was hilarious. The last time I made a granny square I was 17! I think that was the last timeI followed a pattern too.
Well I had to pump out 100 of these 4 x 4 squares keep ten and mail out the rest all over the U.S. to other members in my crochet group. I wish I had a picture of my Dad taking them to the post office. LOL! This was the first,most exciting and inspiring project I ever took part in; and the squares I received were awesome. Mother's Day was wonderful! I could not wait to wake up and see what kind of squares were in the mailbox.
Making the rounds, creating a layout design (Thanks to My daughter) and then attaching them and making the final two rows was such tedious work but well worth the work.

Look At The Beautiful Squares!

Whelp! I have to take another picture of my finished AFGHAN!
This should inspire me to search through piles of items in my closet, and take out my camera, layout my Afghan for a perfect photo with a crazy kitty and rambunctious grands in the way, then upload a photo! AARRGGHH! LOL!
Love and Blessings

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