Stupendous September

September was full of fabulous birthdays and getting out my fall fashion hats!
Take a Look!

Mary's Birthday Bows


These 50 squares were made in secret nightly, in August and put together in September just in time for Mommy's  birthday! She checks on me to see what I am crocheting often, because like a faithful mom she is supportive and enjoys the finished projects. She loved this throw and asked when I did it; I told her how and when of course. This was a real inspiration

 A'neya's Hair Wear were fun to make! The head band with heart is actually from a  her favorite too small shirt she did not want to part with and the crocheted purple & animal print headband has the heart shaped button from another too tiny outfit she  adored. The look on her face when she realized those tiny treasures were timeless! The cats on the florets are to recognize our silly kitty she named Peaches.

These are some fall hats I made and am adding more to the collection as I Blog!


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