I'M Back!

It has been a while since my last post; and I'm Back against the wall again!

Okay I have completed several projects; money and inspiration both being the motivation! So I guess I will allow Inspiration to make money; give gifts; and to just create crocheted items to be my motivation. Thus; My back is not against the wall anymore and I'm back. :-) I know confusing huh? Hahaha!
Now lets get to good part!!! Pictures of my recent projects!

I made pillows for my grand children's b'days here are 2 of them!

I sold this hat and scarf set !

This is my grandson's outfit (the new blessing to the family)

Remember I complained about following patterns!!! Well I did it praise the Lord for my new grandson last week. I made a Hat to go with it, It is so cute and comfy!

Anyway, I made soooo many hats this winter and this is one of them my pretty grand is modeling for my dear friend in AZ. I made her husband a matching hat. keep them in your prayers as he wins his battle with cancer!

 I did not take pictures of all the hats I made but it was more than 15 this winter.  Oh, BTW the hats  I made for me are disappearing. The culprits are my daughters.

I made 2 of these cute grocery bags for friends for their b'days in a crochet group I was a member of  until December. They are so cute; I made pockets on the straps for coupons!!! I think I need one.

This is the back of the personalized pillow for my grand for her birthday as

Here is the front!

 I am beginning to see a common theme here for Inspiration...Birthdays!!!

Finally here are a pair of cute slipper socks I made for a nice family friend. She loves them! So do I!
Think I need a pair.

Well my faithful bloggers and followers; it has been a pleasure catching up and sharing the happenings in my blessed life of crochet.
I hope to be back soon with some more creations!

 Remember "Whatever you do for God will last."
May God richly bless You.
Love and Blessings from the Inspirational Crocheter.

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